Assessment & Therapy


Therapy always starts with an assessment. We would like to know what you are having trouble with, and we will spend some time asking some questions to better understand your situation. Psychologists are licensed to make clinical diagnoses, which helps us in planning the most effective treatment for you.

Part of the assessment process is determining your therapy goals. You may want to sleep better, feel less anxious, communicate more effectively, get back to work etc. Your psychologist will work with you to better understand your needs.


We offer cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), a type of talk therapy that is especially helpful for individuals with mood and anxiety disorders, among other things. CBT is a short-term (4-20 sessions), problem-oriented approach designed to be quick, practical and goal oriented. Through CBT, you will learn strategies to use life-long, in a variety of situations. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to feel better fast and to stay better in the future.

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