OSI Screening Tool

Do I have Operational Stress Injury?

This screening tool is designed as a guide to determine if you might have symptoms of an Operational Stress Injury

A high score on this screening tool does not mean you have an Operational Stress Injury. A licenced psychologist can complete a more thorough assessment to determine if this is what you are experiencing. This screening tool has 20 questions in total and should take about 3-5 minutes to complete. The test is completely confidential, and your responses will not be recorded by Archways Centre for CBT.

If your job involves service as a military member or first responder, please answer the following questions.

Are you experiencing difficulties in the following areas?

Yes No Repeated, distressing memories, or dreams
Yes No Fatigue/sleep disturbance (troubles falling asleep, nightmares, restless sleep, excessive sweating at night).
Yes No Mood changes/irritability (short fuse/growing inflexible attitude
Yes No Frustration with failure/frustration with incompetence of others.
Yes No Difficulty managing stress
Yes No Difficulty concentration/memory loss.
Yes No Difficulty communicating (withdrawal/speaks in the form of orders/finds it hard to be told to do something).
Yes No Difficulty with emotional connections and fluctuating emotions, which can affect intimacy (difficulty experiencing feelings, difficulty hugging children, change in sexual habits, etc.).
Yes No Feels that he/she was not up to the task/feels guilt regarding ethe events that occurred on a mission or in relation to his/her family.
Yes No Change in core beliefs (example: the world is unsafe).
Yes No Greater threat sensitivity/feeling of vulnerability/putting safety plans in place (moves constantly so as not to be a target, walks on escalators, looks everywhere upon arriving in a new place, etc.).
Yes No Flashbacks, repetitive memories, (images, sounds, smells).
Yes No Jumpy and shows hypervigilance carries around an object for self-defence, is started by such things as the sound of a door slamming, etc.).
Yes No Adrenaline-seeking (seeks thrills in action movies, video games, extreme sports, etc.).
Yes No Hyperactivity (finds it hard to be doing nothing, all repairs are urgent, exhausts him/herself in order to be able to sleep, etc.).
Yes No Risky driving (drives in the middle of the road, accelerates at intersections, tailgates, impatience behind the wheel, road rage, etc.).
Yes No Avoidance behaviours (avoids crowds, hates waiting in line, avoids conversation or movies associated with his/her memories, etc.).
Yes No Loss if interest in activities “I don’t care” attitude.
Yes No Sense of hopelessness and sense of shame.
Yes No Excessive use of alcohol or other substances/gambling addiction (to relax, get to sleep, manage difficult memories).
Yes No Signs of anxiety and depression/dark thoughts.

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, you may have an Operational Stress Injury. However, a licensed psychologist can make a more accurate determination. If you are experiencing distress by these behaviours, consider getting in touch with us for a complete and thorough evaluation.

Clinical Psychologist:

First Responder PTSD Clinical Psychologist Gita Canaran in Ontario

Gita Canaran, M.A., C.Psych.

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