Prevention skills

Optimizing Performance in Trauma and Mental Achievement for First Responders (OPTiMA)

Nearly every day first responders put themselves in harm’s way, risking their lives or witnessing their comrade’s lives at risk. Their training helps to prepare them physically for the demands of their jobs. Our preventation skills helps us to prepare them mentally. This skills-based program is offered through individual or group sessions and covers education, skills, resiliency, and posttraumatic growth. These skills can be particularly helpful to new recruits who you may wish to take measures now to prevent PTSD occuring later in their careers.


Overview of sessions:

Session 1

Education on trauma in the world of a first responder. Skill: Window of Tolerance (WoT)

Session 2

Moving back into WoT. Skill: Grounding, Breathing, Social Engagement, Physical Activity

Session 3

Mindfulness and CBT Intro. Skill: Mindfulness of the Thought-Mood Relationship

Session 4

CBT continues. Skill: Challenging Beliefs and Reducing Avoidance

Session 5

Resilience and Core Beliefs

Session 6

Posttraumatic Growth and Relapse Prevention


If you represent an organization who has a number of members who could benefit from OPTiMA, get in touch with us to design a program that meets your needs.