March 2, 2016

A Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Group for Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours

Using techniques grounded in cognitive-behaviour therapy will allow most individuals to begin to better manage their picking and pulling patterns. The psychologists based at London Ontario’s Archways Centre for CBT hold cognitive behavior therapy talking sessions that allow individuals to focus on some of the more challenging aspects of their treatment. These include acceptance of the problem, as well as addressing long-standing patterns through habit reversal training. The group sessions allow participants to learn strategies to interrupt problem behaviours, and to help reduce any shameful feelings they may have. This opportunity for individuals to meet and discuss common problems and goals allows each participant to feel less isolated and alone.

Cognitive behaviour therapy conducted at Archways Centre for CBT has proven to be especially effective when addressing mood and anxiety disorders. The team of adult and child psychologists use their specialized skills to adapt treatment to the individual’s unique patterns. A group of conditions that can be treated very effectively with cognitive-behaviour therapy is referred to as Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRBs). This is a pattern of behaviour where the individual continually self-grooms to the point of causing significant problems. Examples of this behavior that our team of London (Ontario) based psychologists encounter are hair pulling (Trichotillomania) and skin picking (Excoriation).

Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Group

Clinical Psychologist and Director of Archways Centre for CBT, Joanna McBride, M.A., C.Psych. has been helping those with Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours for over 15 years. As a Certified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and an Honored Professional Member of the Trichotillomania Learning Centre she has an excellent track record of making a difference in people’s lives through treatment at Archways Centre for CBT in London (Ontario).

Archways Centre for CBT is accepting new clients that are suffering from Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours. Joining her Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Group will allow participants to learn to manage hair pulling and skin picking behaviours. Not only will you gain greater control over your behavior, you will also learn to accept of the disorder and find better peace of mind.

The group sessions consist of up to 8 participants. They share their experiences, learn strategies and work towards their individual goals. Each session will be 2 hours in duration with the same group participants each week. The program lasts for 9 weeks with optional follow up sessions should the participant want to bolster their resolve after a month or two.

The Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Group for Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours 9 week program costs $700 per participant. We encourage you to check with your insurance provider as this cost may be covered by extended health insurance policies.

The program includes 18 hours of cognitive-behavioural therapy provided by expert psychologists in London (Ontario). Course materials will be provided to each participant, including an outline of the group sessions, weekly handouts and a self-help book. Parking passes are also provided by Archways Centre for CBT.

Next Steps

Setting up an appointment with Joanna McBride, a psychologist specializing in cognitive-behaviour therapy, is the first step to recovery. The session will determine what form of treatment will suit you best. We will be able to recommend either group or individual sessions based on your situation and needs. If you prove to be a good candidate for the group therapy sessions, we are anticipating a Spring 2016 launch date for the 9 week program.

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