Job Details of:

Clinical Psychologist – Psychoeducational Assessments

Job Description:

Archways Centre for CBT is currently seeking a psychologist or psychological associate (autonomous or in supervised practice) to provide psychoeducational assessments, for a period of 3 months (contract may be extended). At Archways, psychoeducational assessments are provided to evaluate an individual’s cognitive and academic abilities across important areas related to learning. Testing can be completed with children, youth, and young adults to better understand their learning style, mental health symptoms, and adaptive skills. Assessments are also provided to adults by qualified psychologists. 

Time commitment:

  • 2-4 psychoeducational assessments per month
  • Testing day (6-7 hours) – Archways office space available 24/7
  • Report writing – at home or at Archways
  • 1-hour feedback session – at home using our secure portal, or at Archways


Archways will provide:

  • All testing materials (Pearson), and associated licenses
  • 2 iPads 
  • Full administrative support (booking and confirming appointments, processing payment and receipts)
  • Use of Wi-fi, photocopier, fax machine, office supplies
  • Superior office space and free parking
  • Complimentary supervision for College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) requirements


Requirements of the applicant:

  • Registered or eligible to register with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO). 
  • Demonstrated experience with providing psychoeducational assessments
  • Provision of an example psychoeducational report (at the interview)
  • Excellent written skills and attention to detail 


This is a sub-contract position (i.e. not salaried). Renumeration is competitive. As applicable, supervision is provided by Dr. Kerry Collins, C.Psych. To express your interest, please get in touch below.