Psychiatry Consultation

Why am I having a consultation with a Psychiatrist at Archways?

A psychiatry consultation appointment can be used to discuss starting, ending, or changing your medication. Your psychologist/clinician at Archways may recommend that you meet with the psychiatrist to discuss medication options, or to confirm a diagnosis.

How do I book the appointment?

Assuming you are already a client at Archways, we can provide you with a referral form to take to your family doctor or walk-in clinic. Once we have received the completed referral form, you will receive a phone call from Archways to book your appointment.

What do I bring to the consultation?

Valid OHIP Card

Is there a fee for the psychiatry consultation?

The fee is covered by OHIP. However, there is a $100 fee charged by Archways for missed or cancelled appointments (with less than 24 hours’ notice). A scheduled appointment means that time is reserved only for you, and this time slot cannot be filled at short notice.

How long does the consultation appointment take?

Between one hour to one and a half hours. The psychiatrist may request a follow-up appointment to complete the assessment.

What is involved in the consultation?

Much like your initial appointment at Archways with a psychologist/clinician, the psychiatrist will ask questions to get to know you, and to understand the difficulties you are having. Questionnaires may be given to you to better understand some of your symptoms.

What happens after the psychiatry consultation?

The psychiatrist will provide a brief report with her impressions and treatment recommendations to your family doctor. This report will also be shared with your psychologist/clinician) at Archways.

Do I meet with the psychiatrist again for a follow-up?

This largely depends on the reason for the consultation, and the outcome of the appointment. You may be invited to return for a follow-up appointment if the psychiatrist recommends it.

Psychiatry consultations provided by:

Dr. Janine Przysiezny, MD FRCPC

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