First Responder Program

Why a First Responder Program?

At Archways we have clinicians with specialized training in the treatment of PTSD and other conditions related to trauma. We work with both uniformed and non-uniformed first responders using a trauma-informed model to help them build resilience, cope with symptoms and stressors, and foster post-traumatic growth. While anyone can develop PTSD, it has been found that “rates of PTSD are higher among veterans and others whose vocation increases the risk of traumatic exposure, e.g. police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel” (American Psychological Association, 2013). While a posttraumatic stress injury may be inevitable, PTSD may be preventable. Our program is geared towards helping first responders through providing both individual therapy and group therapy.

What services are offered in our First Responder Program?


Tips for First Responders

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First Responder Program Staff:

Gita Canaran, M.A., C.Psych.

Jerrica Hunter, M.Psy., R.P.


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